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i'll be your dipping sauce bitch

multifandom icon batch for inspired20in20

This batch was made for inspired20in20

The theme was tvtropes and we did not have to claim one subject matter this time around.

I know the formatting of this post is kinda strange. Let's see how it goes.

trope15 trope17 trope6

Interpretive Tropes

Lady In Red: trope4 (mad men)  trope4b trope4c (stage fright)
Beneath the Mask: trope6 (phantom of the paradise)
Femme Fatale: trope8 (phantom of the paradise)  trope8b (stage fright)
Odd Couple: trope9 (red dwarf)
Nerd Glasses: trope10 (tron)

Technical Tropes

Darker and Edgier: trope13 (pennies from heaven)
Camera Spoofing: trope14 (pennies from heaven)
Friendless Background: trope15 (the lego movie)
Sherlock Scan: trope16 (twin peaks)
Crop Circles: trope17 (stage fright)
Neat Freak: trope19 (phantom of the paradise)  trope19b (million dollar arm)  trope19c (suspiria)
Field Trip to the Past:  trope20 (pennies from heaven)  trope20b (phantom of the paradise)  trope20c (twin peaks)  trope20d (parks and recreation)

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