baxter ~ cecil mills

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Previous icons and graphics can be found at my old icon community fairvales

Also, a few posts were made at dreamwidth. I will post the links to those posts here as well.

Moonrise Kingdom Picspams
Rainbow Icons for LandOfArt
Comic Con Portrait Icons
Multi Fandom Icon Post(Amy Poehler, Sam Rockwell, Eva Green, Teresa Palmer)

Those are all the posts on Dreamwidth Fairvales that were not made on the Livejournal community.

Other than these places, all other icon posts are on this journal from now on. Also, some old posts can be found on this journal as well. 
deadites ~ sheila/ash

Kick-Ass 2 Icons

These icons were made for inspired20in20

I had originally claimed Leslie Knope, because I wasn't really inspired at the moment(and I always love Leslie. lol) I recently watched Kick-Ass 2, and it inspired me so much, and I am so grateful for that! I feel bad for waiting so long to finally watch it.

icon19 icon17 icon12

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masters of sex ~ virginia. she's magic

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just so you know, I have gotten more into making icons lately and I have also gotten into Masters of Sex. You might see a bunch of graphics from that show from now on.

I am very excited for season two in July!!!

I probably won't be making posts friends only from now on.

Uhm, my tumblr is vanellopoop. I have only changed it a few times, for only weeks at a time, for the past year. I am always going back to vanellopoop. Glad I have found something that I can stick with.

Well, my birthday was pretty good. I spent the day alone, watching tv and eating pizza! :P I celebrated with my family and my best friend over spring break, so having the actual day to myself was actually pretty nice!

Oh, Jim O'Heir wished me a happy birthday on facebook! I added him at the beginning of the year and he actually posted on my wall on facebook! wow