i'll be your dipping sauce bitch (inthegiggleloop) wrote,
i'll be your dipping sauce bitch

Round 33: Masters of Sex

I decided to take part in this round of inspired20in20 I chose Masters of Sex as my claim. The inspiration post was all about AU's. I had so much fun making these icons! I hope you all enjoy them as well! Feel free to ask me about any of the icons!

spaceau agentau noirau

1 2 agentau changes1 crossover1
crossoverparallels manip1 manip2 manip3 manip4
manip5 noirau officeromanceau1 punkau1 punkau2
spaceau uh punkau3 uh2 uh3
Tags: icons, inspired20in20, masters of sex
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Oooh, I like the lighting in that final piece, Amanda! Her hair has this nice sharpness to it and contrasts so well against the white wall, and I like the low contrast in her face! The third icon is also really fun and creative with their faces peeking through the text! :D
Aww, thank you so much! I was almost going to change my claim while working on these lol That FBI one is one of my favorites. I had some trouble with blending the caps together and thought it actually looked more genuine under the text :P Like it hides the edges of the two photos I used.

Thanks for the comment!!!
I can't blend to save my life so whenever I have to do it, I pile on textures that cover up the place where the images collide.
I really need to practice more with textures. I just started making icons often again over spring break, so I have no resources or anything saved on this computer.
I just jumped back into the iconmaking world myself after a 6 month hiatus, but thankfully, I have lots of textures saved. If I didn't, I'd probably cry.
Great icons. 1, 9 and 20 are my favourites :)
Thank you! :)
These are really nice! I especially like 12, 15,18
Thank you! 12 is one of my favorites too :)
Yay mos icons! :D Beautiful work! Of course I will always credit, when I use something. THX! :D
Thanks! I'm replying with my new blog. All new posts are on that blog. Credit with whichever you want :)
Ok and thank you for the info. :)